2001: a space odyssey project
I took large close up photographs of the television screen to gather material to work with for the project. 
This gif animation was the first thing I did to get the ball rolling
Stanley Kubrick
2001: A space odyssey

'Red Letter day' - a day synonymous with Edinburgh

The opening of the Millenium link canal, connecting the Union canal with the Forth and clyde canal. This also meant the reopening of the Union canal on the same day

24th May 2002

monologue from ‘East Coast Chicken Supper’ by Martin Taylor

Actor - Daniel Campbell

Art Direction - James Belkevitz

soundtrack - Hudson Mohawke - Top Floor

actor performed in front of a green screen, the background was then animated

The Greater good -  nine inch nails remix

An abstract response to a fellow students track

Product design / packaging
Water filter live brief for IDE in Cambodia